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Latino Daily News

Saturday June 19, 2010

Interpol Now Seeking Chavez Opponent Guillermo Zuloaga

Guillermo Zuloaga owner of Globovision television, one of the last independent television stations in Venezuela, is now being sought by Interpol at the request of the Venezuelan government for an outstanding warrant.  Zuloaga was charged months ago with conspiracy and usury and last week an arrest warranted was issued for him, one of his sons and his business partner Nelson Mezerhane.  The case against Zuloaga had been languishing but came to the forefront when Chavez criticized the pace of the judicial process.  Many question the validity of the case and the recent call for his arrest. 

Globovision has remained critical and in many cases the lone voice of criticism of Chavez and his administration.  The government has been criticized internationally for the diminishing presence of free press in the country.  The Venezuelan government took the extraordinary step of not only issuing an arrest warrant for Zuloaga and company but also asked Interpol to capture him abroad.  It is believe that Zuloaga and Mezerhane are in Miami.


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