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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 9, 2011

International Woman’s Day Celebrations and Manifestations Across Latin America (VIDEO)

March 8 is the international day of the “working woman.” Several cities across Latin America saw women celebrate, as well as march, to raise awareness about violence against women, and women’s issues.

In Argentina, a woman’s group called the “Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo” marched to the government palace, known as the Pink House, where they unveiled a giant graphic that pays homage to president Cristina Fernández; The president is pictured next to Evita Perón, and a legend that reads “love and passion, will lead us to triumph.”

In the meantime, Ciudad Juárez in México saw the mothers of disappeared women stage a pacific manifestation, condemning the lack of results in police investigations, and demanding the government to take action.


In Colombia, women of Medellín ran a bra-less parade, where the only ones wearing bras, were the men. The topless rally attempted to raise awareness about women’s issues, as well as promote equality of rights. Image

TV host Laura Bozzo seems to have gotten out of bed with the wrong foot on women’s day, and said on air that this year she didn’t see a reason to celebrate woman’s day; In the host’s opinion, the current statistics on violence against women and girls, were nothing to be in a celebratory mood. Watch her rant below.