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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 27, 2011

Inmate “Fights” to Stay in Jail for Fear of Being Killed by Los Zetas

Inmate “Fights” to Stay in Jail for Fear of Being Killed by Los Zetas

Photo: Alexandro Guerrero attacks jail guard to stay in jail

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A prisoner Arizona, who was about to be released, attacked a guard in an attempt to stay incarcerated, because he feared being killed my cartel hit men.

Alexandro Guerrero, 26, has spent the last few years trying to remain in jail because he fears hit men from the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas will try to kill him, because they believe he has divulged information to the law enforcement.

Guerrero was scheduled to be released last week from a Pinal county jail after serving time for a failure-to-comply warrant out of Yuma, Arizona. Not wanting to be released however, Guerrero punched a detention officer in the face and attacked him when he fell to the ground. (See ABC video below) This is not the first time the inmate’s actions have resulted in an extended sentence. According to the Department of Corrections in order to remain in jail Guerrero has lit his cell on fire, crafted a weapon, refused to sign release forms, and thrown hot water at an officer’s face.