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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 12, 2012

INFOGRAPHIC: Housing Quality in Latin America

How many families are homeless or live in poor quality houses? Despite the strong economic performance Latin America and the Caribbean has enjoyed in the past decade, the lack of adequate housing for low income people remains a serious development problem for the region.

There are both an insufficient number of houses and qualitative shortages, including dwellings without clear ownership titles; walls made from discarded materials such as cardboard; dirt floors; and lacking connections to potable water and sewage systems, according to “Room for Development: Housing Markets in Latin America and the Caribbean”, the latest edition of the IDB’s flagship publication Development in the Americas. The figure summarizes the total deficit for the region. Over two thirds of the households in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru and Guatemala lack adequate housing.

Using this information the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has created the following infographic: