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Latino Daily News

Friday October 15, 2010

Inez Sainz Retiring from Locker Room; Uses Interesting Choice of Words to Justify her Wardrobe

Inez Sainz held a press conference at TV Azteca’s offices in California announcing she would no longer be reporting from the locker room, a decision that the NFL agreed with.

Though many sports fan are disappointed fear not Inez has received a multitude of offers to do other things beside sports reporting for TV Azteca and they range from posing nude for Playboy to announcing boxing scores during fights – she has declined both. She will remain with TV Azteca as a sports reporter mostly reporting from the sidelines.

More interesting is her choice of words when asked about the distraction(s) she caused on the sidelines and locker rooms:  “It doesn’t matter if my outfit is on one side or another.  I am only a woman, proud to be a woman, not shy to show I am professional.”

Whaaaat!  Does she mean she doesn’t care if her outfit covers one ass cheek but not the other?  Does she mean she is only a woman and therefore shocked she has to dress professionally?  Does she mean she is not shy to show is a professional exhibitionist close to being a professional nudist?