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Latino Daily News

Sunday May 1, 2011

Indiana Policeman Accused of Profiling Hispanic Motorists and Robbing Them

A 23-year veteran of the Indianapolis, Indiana police department has been accused of targeting Hispanic motorists and then robbing them.  This is the second such incident, where a police officer targets and robs Hispanics in the state. 

Currently, Officer David J. Butler, is accused of committing crimes against two Hispanic men but state officials are urging the Hispanic community to come forward and feel free without retribution to report other such incidents.

Butler allegedly stopped his first known victim in January for a routine stop, did not radio in the stop or check the drivers record all while taking money out of the victims wallet.  In another incident Butler stopped a Hispanic male, asking him to leave the vehicle and proceeded to steal the contents of his wallet. 

Similarly in 2008 another police officer, Officer Scott Fross, from Indiana shook down Hispanic drivers who did not have drivers license. 

Both incidents were investigated when the Hispanic victims reported the crimes and police swiftly investigated.