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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 5, 2010

INC Top 10 Hispanic Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Hispanic Run Companies on the Inc. 5000

Inc Magazines list measures revenue growth from 2006 through 2009. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by June 30, 2006. Additionally, they had to be U.S.-based, privately held, for profit, and independent as of December 31, 2009.

13The Penna Group9,525%$15.5 millionTX
22Ayuda Management7,444%$20.7 millionCO
26Pursuit of Excellence7,054%$10.7 millionTX
32Provideo Management6,140%$8.8 millionVA
53MicroTech4,200%$185.3 millionVA
65Zempleo3,467%$59.1 millionCA
70Ensurity Group3,441%$4.2 millionTX
71Molding Box3,384%$7.6 millionUT
135P3S1,950%$17.9 millionTX
174Invertix1,629%$34.4 millionVA

1.) Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga CEO  ( The Penna Group)

Born of a Mexican Immigrant and a Spanish Basque Family, Evangelista-Ysasaga started a general contracting firm at 18, went to law school and now manages construction projects for government and military customers.

2.) Maria Vogt, CEO  (Ayuda Management)

Born in the US of Ecuadorian parents, Vogt attended college at night and founded with her partner Sonia Youngerberg in 2002 a company that provides environmental engineering for government clients.

3.)Maria Diaz, CEO
  (Pursuit of Excellence)Image

Diaz comes from both Spanish and Mexican descent. Diaz has worked tirelessly for children’s programs in the Dallas area. Diaz’s company provides HR outsourcing.


4.) Guillermo “Bill” Calvo, CEO  (Provideo Management) Image



Calveo was born in Lima Peru and immigrated to the US when he was two years old. Calveo worked for the Department of Defense where he saw the opportunity that would lead him to opening his management firm.


5.) Anthony “Tony” Jimenez, CEO  (MicroTech)Image

Jimenez is of Puerto Rican descent whose parents stressed the importance of education. Jimenez holds two masters degrees and spent his earlier years in the Military. After retiring in 2003 he used his knowledge to start his firm that would supply IT systems to the government.


6.) Ramiro Zeron, CEO  (Zempleo)Image


Zeron did not leave Nicaragua to come to the US until he was 29 years old. Zeron learned English, got an MBA and worked his way up the ladder at At&T. In 2005 he opened his company that provides HR services and consulting.




7.) Modesto “Moe” Flores, CEO  (Ensurity Group)


Flores grew up in Chihuahua Mexico and in 1984 he moved to El Paso Texas. Moe started working part time at a small insurance company and eventually earned his own insurance license. He now sells life and annuity insurance primarily to the Hispanic community.

8.) Jordan Guernsey, CEO  (Molding Box)Image

Guernsey’s mother is of Mexican descent and his father is American. Attending college on a ballroom dancing scholarship, Guernsey eventually dropped out and started his business from the basement at 21 years old. His company provides packaging, printing, shipping, and CD and DVD duplication services.

9.) Mary Ellen Trevino, CEO

Trevino’s mother came to the US from Vera Cruz Mexico. Trevino worked for the Department of Treasury for 12 years and eventually opened up her own company to provide services to the federal government in IT and program management.

10.) Art Hurtado, CEO

Hurtado is the son of a Bolivian father and a Swedish Mother. After serving 26 years in the army, Hurtado used the experience to start a company that would provide technical research, development and engineering services to the US government.