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Latino Daily News

Friday December 31, 2010

In the New Year Turning Bad to Good: Colombian Govt Gives Drug Lord Seized Property to the Homeless

The Minister of the Interior of Colombia, German Vargas Lleras, has just announced that it will relocate thousands upon thousands of people left homeless from massive rains and floods to property owned by drug lords.  They will be allowed to stay there for as long as it takes for them to find permanent housing.

A serious of hastily produced legal decrees, dubbed the ‘drug-lands’ rule, will allow land and property seized from drug traffickers and under government control to be used to build shelters.  In the past narco seized land was required to be used to produce some sort of income for the government.

“These are some of the best properties in the whole country, because the drug traffickers never bought inferior land,” Mr. Juan Carlos Restrepo, head of Colombian Anti-narcotics Agency told the BBC.

“Hardly any of it has flooded, because the narcos made sure to buy land far away enough from the flood plains,” he added.