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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 10, 2010

In Need of Some Adventure?  Try Walking the Amazon River for 859 Days - Ed Stafford Just Did

A British man, Ed Stafford with his Peruvian friend, both with a lot of time on their hands, walked the full length of the Amazon River, 4,000 miles, for 859 days.

Stafford and Gadiel Cho Rivera, his expedition partner, started on the Peruvian side of the Amazon and ended their adventure in Belem, Brazil.  Stafford has bragging rights in being the first man to accomplish this feat and have “50,000” mosquito bites to show for it.  In the process he faced death in many shapes and forms.  There were the bows and arrows flung at him by native Indians, the tropical diseases he was exposed to and the deadly snakes, electric eels and scorpions that crossed his path. 

Starting this adventure in 2008, Stafford and Rivera lived on fish they caught and rice and beans offered by village locals.  The goal was to make more people aware of the diminishing rain forest and the plight of poverty many Amazon Indians face.  Stafford walked away from the adventure very positive about the future of the Amazon.


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