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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 23, 2011

In 2010, 190 Mexico City Youth Took Their Lives After Being Bullied

In 2010, 190 Mexico City Youth Took Their Lives After Being Bullied

Photo: Bullying in Mexico City

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A foundation out of Mexico City has stated that at least 190 youths from the city took their own lives in 2010.

Mexico’s Movement Foundation (MF) director Trixia Valle told those attending Mexico’s Citizen Council for Public Security and Law Enforcement that the majority of these young people took their lives after being bullied at school. Many do it after coming home from school often hanging themselves or slicing their veins.

Valle added that the increase in cyber bullying has made it hard to avoid the abuse even after leaving school since kids often go online after school and the torment continues on social networking sites.

Investigations by Mexico City’s legislation noted that “bullying-led suicide” by young people is most commonly seen among junior high (middle school) students after abuse has continued from elementary students.

Valle has called on schools to provide students with the help of psychologists on school grounds to help these troubled young people, and added that while suicide is often the outcome of the bullying, criminal behavior can also be caused by continued harassment.