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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 13, 2010

Immigration Remains Top Issue with Hispanic Voters

Polls are indicating that immigration remains a top issue amongst Latino voters, a trend that started back in 2007.  Latino Decision, the poll taker, also uncovered a trend that showed a direct link to government distrust in states that have anti-migratory policies.

For Latinos who get the signal that state immigration policy is unwelcoming, there is a greater incidence of expressing skepticism of government and agreement that “people like me have no say in what government does.”  This sentiment could be the result of 40 percent of registered Latino voters being foreign born.

Three things are clear in the analysis of Latinos and the issue of immigration. First, nothing has changed in a direction congruent with Latino immigration policy preferences. Also clear, Latino voters hold Democrats and Republicans responsible for the lack of immigration reform. Finally, it is clear that the impact of anti-immigrant activity at the state and local level, in combination with the local-federal coordination to enforce federal immigration laws, extends beyond undocumented immigrants to Latino citizens, particularly those born in the US. Small wonder, then, why the issue of immigration remains so important to Latinos heading into the November election.