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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 29, 2013

Immigration Protesters Greet President Obama on Visit Home Today

Immigration Protesters Greet President Obama on Visit Home Today

Photo: Immigrant Justice League

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President Obama’s visit back home to Chicago today was greeted by pro-immigration protesters that chained themselves together in front of the hotel where the President is speaking.

The protesters who are protesting Obama’s deportation record shut down Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.  The mostly young protesters also unhurled a banner that read “400,000: Not1More Deportation.” 

Immigrant advocacy organizations behind the protest claim the President is “on on track to tear nearly 2 million families apart by the end of his second term, and protesters today are demanding he suspend those deportations until a comprehensive immigration bill that honors family unity passes through Congress.” 

An immigration rights rally is planned for 4:30 p.m. across the street from the Hilton Hotel where the morning protests took place.  Obama is expected to attend a fundraiser at the hotel later this afternoon. 

All the protesters were arrested after Chicago police used saws to break the metal chains used to form the human chain.  Click here to read the bios of the 12 Chicagoans arrested for protesting and video of their arrest.