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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 2, 2013

Immigration News:  Michigan Ballots Will Now Come With Proof of Citizenship Statement

Michigan’s Governor Rick Synder has signed a bill into law that will require voters to sign a statement to verify they are U.S. citizens.

The bill has now become law and will require Michigan voters to sign an “affirmative” statement confirming they are citizens.  Voters must also provide their address and date of birth on the statement, before getting a voting ballot.  In addition the Republican sponsored bill will also require new voters to show a photo ID when registering to vote.

The Michigan House and Senate approved the measure during the lame duck session on the last voting day of the state Legislature.  The vote for the new citizenship affirmation bill came mostly along party lines.  Republicans control the state’s Legislature. 

There have been different forms of this bill that have come forth before some have been vetoed and others faced court challenges.  The new law addresses the concerns of Republicans that voter integrity is maintained and voter fraud be eliminated. 

Reportedly there are 963 non-citizens registered to vote in Michigan of which 54 have ever voted.  Meanwhile Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson believes there are up to “4,000 people illegally registered to vote” but cannot say how many if any of those individuals ever voted.