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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 10, 2011

Immigration Bill Similar to Arizona’s Fails in Colorado

Immigration Bill Similar to Arizona’s Fails in Colorado

Photo: Rep. Randy Baumgardner

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In a strange turn of events, a bill in Colorado that is quite similar to Arizona’s immigration bill was killed by the very Representative who was sponsoring it.

According to Rep. Randy Baumgardner, he chose to kill the bill because Bill 1107 had too many problems to continue. 

“After many drafts and hours of deliberation and meetings with entities, we had come to some agreement with agencies out there,” said Baumgardner.  “(But) we couldn’t seem to get away from some parts of it that could be possibly unconstitutional.”

Baumgardner formatted his bill to be very similar to Arizona’s immigration law, with some pieces being straight from the original piece of legislation.

Another contributing to Baumgardner’s decision to kill his bill was the ongoing legal troubles that the Arizona bill in encountering.  A federal judge blocked major components of the Arizona bill and several groups sued the state. 

The rep is unsure if he will draft a new bill later this year