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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 27, 2014

Immigrant Activists Begin Trek Through Arizona Desert Same Taken by Undocumented

Fifty activists from the United States, Canada, Central America and Mexico on Monday began a trek on foot that will take them to Arizona by the same route used by undocumented migrants in crossing the desert.

The group began the march in the Mexican state of Sonora and in the coming days will cross the border on a journey of 120 kilometers (74 miles) that will bring them to Tucson next Sunday.

“It’s very sad to note that we continue hearing the same stories again and again,” Todd Miller, one of the founders of the 11-year-old Migrant Trail initiative, said at a press conference.

Miller related the story of an undocumented woman from Sonora who tried to cross the Arizona desert on foot as part of a group of migrants.

“On the third day, the water and food ran out, on the fifth she said that she could only describe it as if ‘the mountain talked to them,’ on the sixth, her nose began to bleed profusely and she suffered convulsions,” he said.

The group was rescued by the U.S. Border Patrol and the woman had to be revived in a hospital, Miller said.

At least 62 migrants have died in the Sonoran Desert since last October.

Miller said that when the trek was first started years ago they had hope that it would not need to go on for very long and that soon they could celebrate the approval of immigration reform. “Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened,” he added.

Immigration reform has remained blocked in the U.S. House of Representatives almost a year after a bipartisan reform bill was approved in the Senate.


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