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Wednesday January 26, 2011

Illinois Supreme Court Takes Rahm’s Case

Illinois Supreme Court Takes Rahm’s Case

Photo: Rahm Emanuel

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The Illinois Supreme court issued an order Tuesday saying it would take up the dispute over whether Rahm Emanuel meets the state requirement that a candidate for Mayoral office live in a municipality for a year prior to an election, according to court spokesman Joseph Tybor.

The order states the court will take up the case on an expedited basis, using briefs the parties filed with the appellate court. There will be no additional briefs and no oral argument before the high court, according to Tybor.

“The emergency motion by petitioner Rahm Emanuel to expedite consideration of the petition for leave to appeal is allowed,” the court said. 

Just a few hours earlier, the court had granted a stay that ordered Emanuel’s name to be printed on the ballots so that the election would not have to be delayed in order to print up new ballots, if the supreme court decides to side with Rahm and disregard the lower court’s decision. 

The Supreme court’s initial decision to keep Rahm’s name on the ballot as a precautionary measure lead to an eventful afternoon for those printing up the ballots, which began earlier today.  By noon, an estimated 282,000 ballots had already been printed without the former Chief-of-Staff’s name on them. According to Jim Allen, a spokesman for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, these ballots will be “isolated and secured,” and a new batch containing about 300,000 ballots that include Rahm’s name should be ready by Tuesday night.  This is just a small portion of the 2 million ballots printed for the election.