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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 23, 2011

Illegal Immigrants Wearing U.S. Marine Uniforms Arrested at Border Checkpoint

U.S. Border Patrol spokesman, Michael Jimenez, has announced the arrest of 13 illegal immigrants wearing U.S. Marine uniforms at a border checkpoint in California.

A white van with a faux U.S. government license plate was being driven by two U.S. citizens when it was stopped last week at the San Diego border check point.

Upon inspection agents discovered 13 illegal immigrants wearing U.S. Marine uniforms all donning the name ‘Perez’ on the shirt tags.  All the immigrants were male and had military style buzz cuts.  All the men, except for three, were deported back to Mexico.  The two U.S. citizens driving the immigrants have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling and the three detained immigrants are being questioned as witnesses.

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