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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 29, 2010

If Your Latina Maid is Suing You, Can You Be Elected Governor in California?

The erstwhile Whitman housekeeper has been identified and has come forward in an afternoon press conference.  Nicky Diaz Santillan, is Mexican and was Whitman’s housekeeper for 9 years.  Santillan is alleging Whitman knew she was undocumented and had provided false documents to secure employment in her household, something Whitman has denied.  Santillan believes Whitman did this because she was ‘cheap labor’ at $23/hour.  WTF - that’s not cheap and way above average for house keeping duties.  Of course she might of been getting paid the $23/ hour to tolerate ‘exploitation, disrespect and humiliation’ she allegedly suffered in the Whitman household.  Shame on you Santillan there are indeed many undocumented workers being exploited it doesn’t appear you are one of them if you can afford Gloria Allred and are coming out with these allegations one year after you were let go of. 

What are the chances of being Governor if your Latina maid is suing You – Meg Whitman is About to Find Out.

TMZ, the website for true lies and gossip, is reporting that Meg Whitman’s housekeeper, also known as your Mexican Maid or cheap labor for billionaires, is suing her.  Meg Whitman in case you hadn’t read the news is the former President of eBay and billionaire Gubernatorial Republican candidate for California.

The yet to be unidentified former housekeeper has hired Gloria Allred as her lawyer.  At least we now know that Gloria Allred is not a racist because we thought here at HS News she only represented whor-e-zontically gifted women, like Tiger’s ex-girlfriends. 

The housekeeper is claiming she “suffered” and was discriminated against while working for Whitman.  Not good news for a California candidate for any office, since the state is one-third Hispanic and the majority being of Mexican descent.  Since California was originally part of Mexico we don’t know if the housekeeper, assuming she is Mexican, as part of her suit will ask for it back on behalf of her native homeland.  We just hope she has legal status, Whitman is not known for her pro-immigration stance.  Allred has scheduled a news conference for this afternoon to disclose the allegations and pending lawsuit.

Many thought that scowl permanently etched on Meg’s face was because she forgot her botox shots well no folks its because she’s an alleged meany.  Housekeeper beware Whitman has spent a record $119 million on her campaign and therefore really wants this governorship.