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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 29, 2010

ICE Crackdown Arrests 370 in Midwest

ICE made more than 300 arrests in a Midwest crackdown, 35 arrests were made in the Chicago area. ICE’s primary focus was to round up criminals who are illegally in the United States.

In a three-day sweep, 370 criminals were picked up in ten states. 347 had convictions for serious crimes, 162 had multiple convictions, and 23 had no criminal record but were wanted as immigration fugitives.

“Of the 370 individuals we have taken in to custody in the Midwest, every one was either a convicted criminal, an immigration fugitive or someone who had already been deported and has come back to the United States illegally,” said John Morton, director, ICE.
This Midwest operation was part of ICE’s Operation Cross-check. ICE claims over 2000 criminals have been removed from 35 states by cross referencing fingerprint data from arrests with Immigration records.

“I am happy and delighted every time ICE agents go out there and make our streets safer by eliminating criminals, drug, rapists, people who steal, people who harm us. But let’s remember. They deport just as many people and use just as many billions of dollars deporting your neighbors,” said U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, (D) Chicago & Southwest Suburbs.

“If what you do is you segregate the millions that are here working, undocumented in this country, legalize them, you don’t have to worry about them anymore, now you can take all those billions of dollars of resources, half of which you are spending to attack the criminal element,” said Gutierrez.