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Latino Daily News

Friday April 8, 2011

“I Didn’t Know She Was Dead,” says Man Who Drove Dead Friend Around for DAYS

“I Didn’t Know She Was Dead,” says Man Who Drove Dead Friend Around for DAYS

Photo: Jerry Maestas of New Mexico drove around town with friend, Amy Marquez. She was dead.

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Almost like a scene from the 80’s classic Weekend at Bernie’s a man in Espanola, New Mexico has been arrested for driving around the city with his dead friend in the car.

Espanola police arrested Jerry Maestas, 64, on Monday, after he showed up Espanola Hospital and told nurses that his friend needed a wheelchair. However, when the nurses got close to the car, they quickly realized his friend was dead. In fact, the woman had been dead for at least 66 hours.

Though he claims he had no idea his friend, Amy Marquez, 33, had died, Maestas was arrested on grounds that he did not report a death.

Maestas and Marquez had been driving around and drinking Sunday, then passed out, said Maestas. When he woke up, he continued to drive aroun. unaware that Marquez was no longer alive. He told officers that since Marquez was a paraplegic, she did not move around a lot, so he did not think too much of it.

Officials say Marquez likely died of ”positional asphyxiation,” which may happen when paralysis doesn’t allow signals to get to a person’s brain to alert them to a body position that may be cutting off their oxygen supply.

Still, many are wondering the same thing…


About Maestas, Lt. Christian Lopez of the Espanola Police Dept. said, “I have no confirmation that he has a mental illness but this guy isn’t running on all cylinders.”