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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 5, 2010

Huskers vs. Sooners Classic Rivalry Features Mexican-American (?) Freshman Quarterback

The most anticipated college football game of the year the Big 12 Championship has just concluded between the Oklahoma Sooners versus Nebraska Huskers.  The winner, Oklahoma in a 23-20 win, is going to the Fiesta Bowl. 

There is a long-term rivalry between teams, combined they have 8 Heisman Trophy winners, 259 All-Americans and now the debut of a Mexican-American quarterback named Taylor Martinez.  He is the first-ever Husker freshman to start a season opener as a quarterback. 

Several local papers have reported on the fact that Martinez is Mexican-American and that the state has a decidedly anti-immigrant posture.  Fremont, Nebraska overwhelming voted to keep undocumented workers from working or owning property in town – a measure that has the support of a lot of people in the state.

Apparently this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm the state has for anything Husker.  Athletic Director Tom Osborne was quoted as saying “We want people to know that true Nebraskans will not judge you by the color of your skin, so long as you can seriously (play) ball.”

Martinez father Casey has stated Taylor is not Hispanic but rather got the Hispanic surname through adoption from his grandmother’s 2nd husband.  Mexican-American or not, Hispanic fans wear sombreros when he plays much like when New York Jet’s quarter Mark Sanchez does.  Hispanic Nebraskan’s want to claim him as their own and will be cheering him even if it’s not at the Fiesta Bowl