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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 25, 2011

Hurricane Rina Grows To Cat. 2 As it Approaches Yucatán Peninsula

Hurricane Rina Grows To Cat. 2 As it Approaches Yucatán Peninsula

Photo: Hurricane Rina

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The US National Hurricane Center said they expect Rina to become a major hurricane by Tuesday night, meanwhile it is wreaking havoc in Central American waters.

In Nicaragua, 27 Nicaraguans onboard a Navy vessel that disappeared Sunday night while evacuating fishermen, were found by a shrimp boat earlier today.

In Mexico, a hurricane warning has been issued from Punta Gruesa to the tourist city of Cancun; tropical storm warnings extend further south with destructive wave threats and expected rainfall between 8 and 16 inches.  The torrential downpours worry authorities in the coastal areas of Mexico who see flooding as Rina’s most significant threat.

Rina is steadily escalating in intensity, packing sustained winds of 105mph, with wind gusts of up to 125mph. Forecasters say Rina is likely to strengthen as it nears the Mexican coast Wednesday night and then could rain on the Cozumel-Cancun area on Thursday.

Forecast tracks shows the storm’s path curving east toward Cuba by the weekend, but it could also shift towards south Florida.