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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 26, 2010

Hurricane Frank responsible for 4 deaths and two mudslides in southern Mexico

While Frank was still classified as a tropical storm (39- 73 mph sustained winds), earlier this week in southern Mexico’s Oaxaca state , it caused damage by heavy rains and winds.  At least 30,000 residents were effected many having to be moved to temporary housing.

The municipality of Totontepec Villa de Moralos was hit with a mudslide that killed two farm workers. The other mudslide in Oaxaca caused vehicles to drive off Federal Highway 182 causing two more deaths.

The Valle Nacionale and the Atoyac rivers overflowed their banks resulting in displacing 10,000 people, a loss of 4 tons of corn and the death of 50 head of cattle.

Frank is the third hurricane this season in the Pacific, and expected to gradually begin weakening on Friday.