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Sunday November 24, 2013

Hunger Strike on National Mall Continues, Aims to Pressure Congress on Immigration Reform

Hunger Strike on National Mall Continues, Aims to Pressure Congress on Immigration Reform

Photo: Fast4Families

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Today is Day 13 and counting of ‘Fasting for Families’ a nation wide call for immigration reform and citizenship through sacrifice. 

A group of immigration reform advocates are conducting a hunger strike having gone without food or drink (except for water) for nearly two weeks while protesting on the National Mall in Washington D.C.  The group is sponsored by numerous civic, religious and private organizations who are promoting passage of comprehensive immigration reform.

The group has been visited by Vice President Joe Biden, Gloria Steinem, among others.  Some House Democrats, like Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL), are doing one-day fasts in solidarity with the hunger strikers.

The hunger strikers are trying to get the attention of Republican leadership in Congress so that they pick up the issue of immigration reform this year.  Solidarity fasts have already begun in Philadelphia, New York City and Fresno, California. Starting today, fasts will begin in Omaha, Nebraska, Phoenix and Nogales, Arizona with more fasts planned in the coming weeks.

“This year, we have come the closest ever to achieving real immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship,” the fast’s organizers stated on their website. “Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in the House continues to delay a vote on the one issue that holds strong bipartisan support and is backed by a breadth of communities and groups across the country.”

Anyone interested in supporting the faster can reach them via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fast4families on Twitter using hashtag #Fast4Families or via the web at http://seiu.me/joinf4f.



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