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Latino Daily News

Saturday November 6, 2010

Hundreds of Chilean Miners from Collapsed Mine Demand Wages

Yesterday in Capiapo northern Chile, at the site of the mine where 33 miners were rescued last month- more than 300 miners protested to demand their wages.

When the collapse on August 5th caused San Esteban Primera’s mine to close, hundreds of miners lost their jobs. Since then, the owners of the mine have declared bankruptcy and have not paid workers salaries, nor their severance paid as stated in their contracts.

The Chilean government has given some of the employee’s job training but hundreds remain unemployed. The employees are prohibited from finding work at a new employer until their contracts with San Esteban is officially terminated.

Javier Castillo, president of the Central Workers Union of Copiapó, told The Santiago Times that the government had promised the workers more than it was actually offering.