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Latino Daily News

Friday July 15, 2011

Hugo Chavez to Undergo New Cancer Treatment in Brazil

Hugo Chavez to Undergo New Cancer Treatment in Brazil

Photo: Chavez to get treatment in Brazil

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Agencia Brasil is announcing that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will undergo new cancer treatment in Brazil.

The left-leaning leader had been in Cuba for cancer surgery last month something he only disclosed after extending his visit to that country.

This week Chavez had admitted to needing chemotherapy for his cancer yet the type of cancer he has remains undisclosed.  Chavez who is 56-years old had a tumor removed from his pelvic region and remained in Cuba for almost a month to heal.

It is expected that Chavez will go to the renown Sírio Libanés hospital, the very same hospital where Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was treated for her lymphatic cancer. 

In addition, Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo is being treated at the same hospital for non-Hodgkin lymphoma and former Brazilian Vice President Jose Alencar was treated there before his death.

The seriousness of his illness and the prognosis remain a mystery.