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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 14, 2010

Catholic Hugo Chávez to Rule Venezuela From a Muslim Bedouin Tent - What?

President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez just announced that he will be moving into a tent, so flood victims can use his own office as a shelter but it is not just any tent.

The decision comes after the leader was accused of making politics out of the disaster, and favoring certain provinces over those governed by the opposition in the delivery of aid.

“Put up Gaddafi’s present; you can install it in the garden at Miraflores [presidential palace] because I’m moving into that tent. Prepare even the first office… it is a protocolary room, but it’s okay,  we can put some beds in there, and there’s a bathroom too” instructed Chávez to one of his ministers during a visit to a refuge for flood victims west of the Venezuelan capital.

The tent was given to him by Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi, who lives in a huge Bedouin tent in Libya, and brought one with him when he visited Venezuela last year.

Roughly two weeks ago, Chávez made several presidential guard rooms in the palace available to 26 families, all victims of the inclement weather bashing northern South America and Central America. In the last two weeks 38 people have died, and 123,919 people are affected by the rain as well as landslides and floods.

Some of the worst damage has been in the humble hillside areas of Caracas, where landslides have destroyed precariously built homes.

Chavez has promised a new giant home-building program, and has appointed culture minister Francisco Sesto to the new role of minister for reconstruction in Caracas.