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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 29, 2011

Hugo Chávez Resurfaces Alive and Well and Still in Cuba (VIDEO)

Hugo Chávez Resurfaces Alive and Well and Still in Cuba (VIDEO)

Photo: Hugo Chávez

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Eager to put an end to speculations about the current condition of president Hugo Chávez, Cuban and Venezuelan state TV stations released video proof that he is alive and well.

Rumors about Chavez’s condition grew ample with the passing of Venezuela’s Comptroller General Clodosbaldo Russian, a close ally of President Hugo Chavez on June 21.

Russian, 72 much like Chávez himself had traveled to Cuba seeking medical treatment.

Chávez is shown in the video released in Venezuelan and Cuban state TV, dressed in the same tracksuit for dictators he usually wears to Havana, walking about, chatting, reading Tuesday’s newspaper and taking it easy with pal Fidel Castro.

“Let these images serve to bring peace to the people of Venezuela regarding the health of President Chávez,” Communications Minister Andres Izarra said on state TV. “To those of you who are speculating over the president’s health, there he is ... President Chávez is fine, recovering well.”