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Tuesday June 14, 2011

HUD Goes Bilingual with Spanish Blog

HUD Goes Bilingual with Spanish Blog

Photo: HUDdle En Espanol

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Earlier this year, HUD was very excited to roll out a new interactive blog, The HUDdle. Many posts later, they continue to reach out directly to the public like Nuevo blog en espanol- The HUDdle en Espanol never before. And now they’ve gone bilingual! The HUDdle en Español officially launched on June 13.  Like its English counterpart, the Spanish-language HUD blog will provide a platform for new dialogue about housing related information and act as an interactive source of information for Spanish speaking audiences.

At more than 50 million, Latinos constitute one of the nation’s largest minority groups. And with 1 in 6 Americans being of Hispanic heritage, HUD understands the importance of embracing the collective diversity and has taken strides to not only expand the vehicles of communication available, but transform the way the agency does business. The HUDdle en Español is one of the many mediums HUD has put in place to serve as a transparent foundation for public engagement, housing education, and an up-close and personal look at the Obama Administration’s efforts to address the issues, while also reaching a growing number of bilingual communities.

HUD has also created other social media avenues in Spanish, all accessible from the new blog: HUDdle en Español, HUD RSS Feeds Español, HUD Facebook en Español: (“Like” us!), HUD Twitter en Español: (“Follow” us!) and HUD Podcasts en Español.