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Latino Daily News

Friday July 15, 2011

HS-News Presents: Latino Solutions for Carmaggedon

HS-News Presents: Latino Solutions for Carmaggedon

Photo: Beat Carmaggedon this weekend!

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Don’t get stranded, or stuck for forever bumper to bumper under the scorching sun. Here are some suggestions for alternate transportation methods we have covered in the last year.

First Latino suggestion for alternate means of transportation during Carmaggedon: if you’re not traveling far, and can procure a stick, some fishing line and a carrot: Use a good ol’ burro. Don’t drink and ride, though…

Now, if you’re one of those people who like thrills, why not getting from point a to point b in a hang glider? too tame? infuse some medieval in it! 

If you are commuting north from the southern depths of California, you should consider jumping the border (use the catapult above) and maybe talk to Martín Vaca, see if he’ll cut you a deal on a heli-limo, which sadly, can get pricy. If you’re cash strapped but still wanna plow through carmaggedon, may we interest you in a monster armored vehicle?

Steve McQueen would have beat armageddon with a spoon and pockets full of dirt. Why not going all “Great Escape” on carmaggedon and beat it from below?

And last but not least… What a better way to beat heat and traffic at the same time than commuting in a drug lord submarine?