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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 18, 2010

HS News Joins Amnesty International: Say No to SB1070

Arizona’s stringent new anti-immigrant law, SB1070, has whipped up a firestorm of controversy - with good reason. The law has the effect of legalizing racial profiling.

The draconian new law requires anyone who the police “reasonably suspect” of being an “illegal immigrant” to produce papers proving they are here legally. If for any reason you don’t show documentation, you’ll be criminally prosecuted for trespassing, jailed and deported.

SB1070 usurps federal jurisdiction on immigration policy and sets a dangerous precedent other states are already looking to follow.

Say NO to Arizona SB1070.

Urge Congress to craft a fair and humane immigration policy that respects human rights. The Arizona law is an assault on the very notion of human rights. It turns the state’s Latinos and anyone else who fits a police officer’s idea of what an “illegal immigrant” looks like into criminal suspects.

Amnesty has outlined core reform principles at this critical juncture in the immigration debate. Stand with us in championing the following:
• Provide a formal process by which undocumented people can obtain legal status.
• Reform immigration policies that unnecessarily separate families.
• Protect the rights of immigrants most at risk including undocumented immigrants, immigrant women and immigrant children.

Anti-immigrant forces are emboldened; they want other states to enact similar legislation, and they’re thirsty for an even bigger victory - sweeping, get-tough federal enforcement legislation.
We must act swiftly to balance the scales of justice.

While a federal judge recently prevented portions of the Arizona law from going into effect immediately, this action is only temporary. SB1070 is simply “on hold” and could become law in the very near future.

Please speak out against Arizona SB1070 by urging Congress to fix our broken immigration system




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