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Latino Daily News

Saturday December 18, 2010

Hours Before DREAM Act Vote:  Key Supporter Rep. Gutierrez DOESN’T See the Votes Needed

Hours before the DREAM Act is to go the Senate floor for a crucial and final vote, one of its leading proponents, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, doesn’t see the votes it needs to pass.

Gutierrez believes that a Republican filibuster will likely signal the end of the road for the proposed legislation.  A filibuster is a type of parliamentary procedure used to block a vote from happening by creating delay tactics such as asking that the entire bill be read or long Senate floor speeches. 

Once any one of those ‘delay’ tactics occurs 60 votes are needed to override it so that an actual vote can happen, once the vote happens a simple majority of 51 votes are needed.  The 60 votes to stop the filibuster is what DREAM Act advocates don’t appear to have.

Only two Republican Senator’s from the seven that originally supported the measure in 2007 are on board this time, Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana and Sen. Robert Bennett of Utah.  The vote will occur later this morning.