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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 2, 2011

Hot ‘Saucing’ Your Children Making a Controversial Comeback (VIDEO)

Hispanics have been hot ‘saucing’ their food for years and have bragging rights over salsa, pico de gallo, picante and other such ‘saucing’ items.  So when you read that hot ‘saucing’ has become popular via Dr. Phil, you pause to think what got lost in translation.

Actually on a Dr. Phil show about angry moms, an Alaskan mom was seen ‘saucing’ her 7-year old adopted Russian son by pouring hot sauce (not the Mexican kind) into the child’s mouth and forcing him into a cold shower, all with the hope of discouraging fibbing.  The woman was arrested this week for child abuse after authorities reviewed the Dr. Phil tape, bringing the hot ‘saucing’ practice to light.

The practice of ‘saucing’ did not originate from Hispanic or Latin American cultures but rather from the American south especially where the other hot sauce Tabasco is made.  The ‘saucing’ practice became more prominent and acceptable when a Christian fundamental book ‘Creative Correction’ came out in 2004, encouraging such practices. 

You know the saying ‘spare the rod’ well not in some fundamentalist Christian homes where corporal punishment of children is encouraged like hot ‘saucing’.  In 2001, an article in Today’s Christian Woman was advising parents to use the method to deter children from talking back, while encouraging alternatives like soap or vinegar. 

The hot ‘saucing’ method is not commonly practiced within Latinos families, who tend to prefer putting the hot sauce on their food and not into their children. 

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