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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 2, 2011

Hot Sauce Blamed for Man Exposing Himself to Teenager on Flight

Is Rafael Escamilla a hot-sauce lover or a bold face lying pervert??  You decide.  Escamilla, a 50-year old Florida native was flying during the holiday season to visit family when he pored (we aren’t sure if it was accidentally or not) Tabasco sauce on his penis.

The hot sauce, according to Escamilla, made him massage and aggressively itch his privates – which we assume is ok if he didn’t have a 17-year old passenger sitting next to him who claims a slightly different version of events.

The unidentified teen says indeed Escamilla was massaging and itching but without his pants on and doing it underneath the tray table that was placed downward holding a laptop. 

When the flight landed Escamilla was detained by authorities, where he was able to provide his unique view of events.  He couldn’t answer why he didn’t resolve his ‘itch’ privately in the bathroom or where the Tabasco sauce came since we all know airliners are just serving peanuts and pretzels these days. 

Escamilla was booked on charges of indecent exposure and as an accomplished professor and physical therapist in Florida, he will have a lot more explaining to do. 


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