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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 28, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Missing in Peru with 6 Tourist Onboard

Hot Air Balloon Missing in Peru with 6 Tourist Onboard

Photo: Missing Hot Air Balloon in Peru

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The balloon with seven passengers on board, was lost in Cañete , 200 km south of Lima, it is believed it was swept away by a strong air current of air. The last communication with a hot air balloon was with the pilot who reported poor visibility due to heavy fog.

“We hope that the seven occupants including six tourists and the pilot, all Peruvians are safe, “said Luis Miguel Fernandez, manager of the company Globo Peru Sac, a Lima radio station RPP .

“This is a probable accident, we assume that the balloon has fallen,” he added. The company reported that Peru Balloons lost contact with the device about 9:15 am and since then no news of the whereabouts or the condition of the passengers.

Speaking on the radio station, Fernandez   said the balloon usually flies close to the shore but a strong wind coming offshore could force them off coarse.  He indicated that the passengers and the pilot did not travel with life jackets but that the seats in the basket are floatable devices.

The crewmembers were identified as Eagle Abraham Fernandez, Katyusca Quezada Ortiz, Francesca Maldonado Quezada, Liseth Contreras, Contreras and Kelly Izachiga Melisa Puente. The pilot is Juan Carlos Fernandez Moncada.

Currently the Navy, backed by a helicopter is conducting an extensive search in the area.