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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 22, 2010

Hospital Loses Catholic Status for Performing Life-Saving ‘Abortion’

The St. Joseph Hospital of Phoenix, Arizona has been stripped of its Roman Catholic church affiliation and Catholic designation for performing a life-saving abortion on one of its patients.

The procedure, which took place in 2009 on an unidentified 20-year old female, was deemed as a necessary procedure to save the patient’s life because of abnormally high blood pressure related to the pregnancy and other complications.  The mother was 11 weeks pregnant.

The 697 bed hospital will no longer be able to celebrate mass and must remove all Catholic images from its chapel.  The hospital does not received funding from the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix but if it did it would lose that financial support.  The Church has stated the decision was not based on this one procedure but rather on the institutions “moral standards for care” and it not keeping in line with Catholic beliefs.