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Latino Daily News

Monday May 21, 2012

HORRIFYING: Doctors in Brazil Pull off Baby’s Head As Mother is Giving Birth

HORRIFYING: Doctors in Brazil Pull off Baby’s Head As Mother is Giving Birth

Photo: Doctors in Brazil Pull of Baby's Head As Mother is Giving Birth

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Losing a child is extremely difficult. Losing a child during the birthing process is unimaginable, but when what happened to one Brazilian mother is nothing short of shockingly horrifying.

According to Brazil’s Globo G1 website, a 22-year-old mother of three was giving birth to her fourth child at the Santa Isabel maternity hospital in Aracaju of northeastern Brazil, when the baby became stuck.

After hours of labor, the baby was still not making its way through the birth canal and that’s when one of the five-doctor team made a terrible mistake.

According to the mother’s cousin, Gilmara Azevedo dos Santos, doctors made tried everything to get the baby out, even pushing on the mother’s stomach.

The mother told dos Santos that at one point she heard a loud noise, followed by one of the doctors saying, “Marcos, are you crazy?” but when she asked what happened, no one would answer and she was sent to have an emergency Caesarian section.

The doctors are said to have performed the Caesarian section to remove a the headless body of the baby, the head having been pulled off by one of the doctors attempting to pull the baby out during the initial birthing process.

The Caesarian section was performed to remove the body after the head was reportedly pulled off.

Dos Santos told Globo G1, ‘My cousin is totally devastated, the whole family is in shock. She is still in so much pain, as after the head had been pulled off they tried to get the body out by cutting her. In the end they had to open up her body to take out her son’s dead body.’

The family intends to sue the hospital for medical negligence, and clinic director Debora Leite says a committee of professionals has been set up to investigate how something like this could have happened.