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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 8, 2012

HORRIFIC: Video catches drunk driving accident in Argentina

HORRIFIC: Video catches drunk driving accident in Argentina

Photo: Drunk Driving accident recorded in Argentina.

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Local family catches accident caused by a drunk driver on video, which include tragic pictures of the victims.  In the video you see the family of Daniel Laterza, an officer who was off duty traveling in their vehicle.  The family follows a car this is having a hard time staying in its lane. 

Efforts to calling officials didn’t result in any help claimed the family who stated that they called 911 around 6 times and were on hold for about 20 minutes. Besides this, they also called out to state vehicles on the road to follow the vehicle, who failed to help claiming they had different orders to attend to.

The end result was an accident that killed Carlos Diaz instantaneously after the impact.

After the accident, the presiding officer in the car halted the vehicle by shooting one of its tires, and subsequently arrested them. The driver of the vehicle was identified as a Bolivian citizen that was charged for manslaughter and released because the murder wasn’t premeditated.

According to statistics, traffic accidents are shown to be one of the main causes of death in Argentina.

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