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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 12, 2011

HORRIFIC: Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child Killed by Woman Attempting “Fetal Abduction”

HORRIFIC: Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child Killed by Woman Attempting “Fetal Abduction”

Photo: Annette Morales-Martinez is accused of killing a woman her unborn child

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A Wisconsin woman is dead after another attempted to steal the unborn child in her womb.  

Maritza Ramirez-Cruz, 23, was set to give birth on October 16, but she never made it to that day.

Thursday, Ramirez-Cruz was killed by Annette Morales-Rodriguez, who was desperate to continue her string of lies.

Morales-Martinez had been lying to family and friends for months about being pregnant, and when the time came that she should be ready to give birth to the made up child, she allegedly did the unthinkable.

Police officers believe she somehow managed to coerce Ramirez-Cruz into her car, and proceeded to take the pregnant woman to her home, where she allegedly beat Ramirez-Cruz with a baseball bat, and removed the fetus from its mother’s womb.

Morales-Martinez, 33, reportedly called 911 Thursday saying she had just given birth, but her baby was not breathing.

Officials say the baby was already dead when they arrived. Morales-Martinez, the mother of three, was taken to the hospital, but after an autopsy on the child was performed, authorities believed something was amiss.

Officers went back to Morales-Martinez’s home to investigate and discovered Ramirez-Cruz’s body in the basement.

As Ramirez-Cruz’s family is still reeling from loss of not one but two lives, they still wonder why the Puerto Rican immigrant agreed to get into Morales-Martinez’s car.

“If she doesn’t know you she won’t get in your car,” brother in-law Josue Garcia told The Associated Press. “How did (the suspect) get her into the car? That’s what we want to know.”

Morales-Rodriguez is being held on $1 million bail in Milwaukee County Jail.

Ramirez-Cruz and her husband, Christian Mercado, 28, were raising three children together, ages 2 to 10.

Police call this a “fetal abduction”, and Morales-Martinez is being charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide.

The baby was a boy and would have been named Yadier Omar.