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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 16, 2011

Hormonal Disorder Making Dominican Boys Grow Breasts (VIDEO)

Hormonal Disorder Making Dominican Boys Grow Breasts (VIDEO)

Photo: The Ramírez Brothers

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The disorder could have been detected and prevented early on, but due to a precarious financial situation, the Ramírez boys have never seen an specialist. The mother of the boys abandoned them, and Felipe Ramírez, the father is a produce grower in the rural town of Magueyal, in South Dominican Republic, who can’t afford the plastic surgery his kids need.

The disorder became apparent as early as when the boys were 9 years old. The boys, now 10, 12 and 17, don’t present other female characteristics than enlarged breasts, and emphasize their genital areas are and look 100% male.

The doctor interviewed in the video says that the rare condition is genetic, as the kids uncle also has enlarged breasts, and that the disorder is most likely due to a hormonal anomaly passed on through generations of the area’s small congenital gene pool.

Watch the video below, and leave us your comments in the forum section!