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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 19, 2012

Honduras Set to Jail Teens and Rape Victims if They Use Morning After Pill

Honduras Set to Jail Teens and Rape Victims if They Use Morning After Pill

Photo: Jail Time in Honduras for Using Plan B

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A human rights group is advocating members of Honduran congress to not pass a law which would jail teens and possibly rape victims for use of the contraceptive, ‘the morning after pill,’ known as Plan B.  Although according to the World Health Organization, the pill is only a form of contraception and cannot cause an abortion if a pregnancy has already begun, many religious groups argue that the pill is an ‘abortion pill.’ 

In 2009 Honduras passed a law against the use or sale of the morning after pill. 

According to Avaaz, a not for profit human rights organization, “Honduras is just days away from approving an extremist law that would put teenagers in prison for using the morning after pill, even if they’ve just been raped.  Some Congress members agree that this law, which would also jail doctors or anyone who sells the pill, is excessive, but they are bowing to the powerful religious lobby that wrongly claims the morning after pill constitutes an abortion.”

A petition with more than 100,000 people has already been circulating with hopes of reaching 400,000 signatures.  Once this amount is reached, Avaaz would send it to local women’s groups.  These groups would then ultimately present it to government officials hoping to force them to reconsider their decision. 

The CDM, or Women’s Rights Center, has been running ads for the morning after pill, even though since 2009 the drug is considered illegal in Honduras. 


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