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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 13, 2014

Honduras Gives Up Trying to Rescue 8 Trapped Miners

Honduras Gives Up Trying to Rescue 8 Trapped Miners

Photo: Scene of the trapped mine

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Local miners suspended once and for all their attempt to save eight of their workmates, trapped in an unregulated gold mine in southern Honduras since July 2, due to the risk of further cave-ins.

“We decided not to continue the rescue attempt because of the danger,” one of the local miners who took part until this Friday in the rescue work, Esteban Estrada, told a press conference at the scene of disaster.

“We can’t go on risking human lives, there are eight inside the mine now and I can’t let there be any more victims,” Estrada said.

After the Honduran government suspended work to save the eight men on Monday, local miners decided to continue the search for their fellow workers at their own risk.

The accident occurred July 2, when a cave-in at the mine, located in the southern province of Choluteca, left 11 men trapped, three of whom were rescued alive two days later.

Over the past three days there have been two new cave-ins in the mine that complicated the rescue work and left one local miner injured after a boulder fell on one of his legs.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez’s administration said in a statement Wednesday that it will support efforts aimed at reviving the region’s agricultural sector, including coffee farming, so people will not have to depend on unregulated mining for their livelihoods.


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