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Latino Daily News

Saturday May 31, 2014

Honduras Detains Cubans, Guatemalans en Route to U.S.

Honduras Detains Cubans, Guatemalans en Route to U.S.

Photo: Honduras

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Honduran police detained 19 Cubans and two Guatemalans on Friday in the western part of the country as they tried to travel without documents from this Central American nation to the United States.

The group of Cubans and two Guatemalans were stopped at the Agua Caliente customs post on the border with Guatemala, deputy police commissioner Julio Matute told reporters.

The migrants were taken into custody for irregularities in their documentation and migratory status, Maute said without offering further details.

The Cubans and Guatemalans were handed over to the Honduran Migration Office to determine their migratory status and whether they will be allowed to continue on their way, Matute said.

Honduras has become a key transit country for undocumented Cuban emigrants headed for the United States, officials here say.

Most of the roughly 600 U.S.-bound Cubans intercepted in Honduras so far this year were ultimately allowed to continue their journey.


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