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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 16, 2014

Honduran Officials Detain 38 Cubans, 1 Ecuadorian En Route to U.S.

Honduran Officials Detain 38 Cubans, 1 Ecuadorian En Route to U.S.

Photo: Honduras

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Honduran authorities detained 38 Cubans and an Ecuadorian in the southern and western parts of the country when the migrants tried to travel without documents from this Central American nation to the United States, police officials said.

A group of 29 Cubans and the Ecuadorian were taken into custody Friday in the Guasaule sector on the border between Honduras and Nicaragua, National Police spokeswoman Patricia Sanchez told reporters.

Another nine of the Caribbean migrants were detained this Friday, five by customs in Agua Caliente on the Honduras-Guatemala border, and another four in the western province of Ocotepeque, she said.

The immigrants were caught due to irregularities in their papers and migratory status, the police spokeswoman said without offering further details.

The Cubans and the Ecuadorian were handed over to the Honduras Migration Office to define their status as migrants and determine whether they should be allowed to continue their travels, Sanchez said.

Honduran authorities have detained to date in 2014 more than 70 Cubans and 20 Ecuadorians trying to travel illegally to the United States, according to official figures.


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