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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 17, 2012

Honduran Boy Thinks He’s a Dog – Is He Possessed? (VIDEO)

Honduran Boy Thinks He’s a Dog – Is He Possessed? (VIDEO)

Photo: El Nino Perro, Honduras

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Dunia Ortiz, the mother of an eight year old boy from the town of Arenales, Honduras, believes her son is possessed by the devil.  Her son, Michael, suddenly began behaving like a dog some three years ago.  He quickly began to move on all fours, scratch the walls, bite furniture and not talk.  Just as dogs drink water from their bowls on the floor, Michael did the same. 

With this shocking change in her son, Ortiz took him to several doctors, yet according to her none could give her any answers.  That is when she decided to turn to Pastor Jorge Cruz.  Pastor Cruz believes that Michael was possessed by the devil and would need to perform a type of exorcism in order to save him.  The Pastor says the devil was trying to get at the boy’s mother and confirms he was possessed.  Though the boy was ‘saved’ spiritually he continues to act like a dog.

Madeline Hernandez, a licensed child psychologist, has different ideas on the issue according to Al Rojo Vivo.  She believes that several possibilities could exist for the child’s strange behavior.  She stresses the importance for professional help in order to rule out possibilities such as trauma or abuse suffered by the boy, a need for attention, or possibly just an imaginary phase of the child.  Hernandez insists, however, that encouraging the ‘dog’ behavior will not help improve the situation. 

She suggests that Michael’s mother stop allowing him to drink water from a dog bowl and feeding him in a dog bowl.

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