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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Homeless Man Set on Fire, Killed in Bogota

Homeless Man Set on Fire, Killed in Bogota

Photo: Colombian flag

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A homeless man was killed in Bogota by unknown attackers who doused him with gasoline while he was sleeping and then set him on fire, Colombian authorities said Wednesday.

The attack occurred on May 2 and the victim, identified as Marco Tulio Sevillano, died a few days later in a hospital as a result of the serious burns he suffered.

Police are investigating the possibility that his killers were soccer hooligans or members of a neo-Nazi group.

Colombia’s national ombudsman, Jorge Armando Otalora, asked police and prosecutors to give priority to the investigation of “this atrocious act.”

“It is necessary to identify those responsible and bring them to justice so that there may be no impunity,” said Otalora in a communique, adding that in Colombia human rights must prevail without regard for the social, economic and cultural situation of the citizens.

Students at the Universidad Javeriana, near where the attack occurred, said that Sevillano was known in the area, where he had lived for years with a dog and two cats, who were also burned alive.

Some of the Javeriana students who knew Sevillano on Wednesday will hold a symbolic funeral for him and will demand that the authorities find those who are responsible for his horrific murder.

“We called him ‘Warm-hearted’ because he treated everyone with affection. He greeted us and even accompanied us while we took the transportation,” one university student told Efe.


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