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Latino Daily News

Friday May 20, 2011

Homeland Security Asking for $30 Million to Keep National Guard At Border

Homeland Security Asking for $30 Million to Keep National Guard At Border

Photo: DHS is asking that the National Guard stay at the southwest border until September

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The Department of Homeland Security is asking Congress’ permission to have the 1,200 National Guard troops remain along the U.S.-Mexico border for a few more months.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s request asks for $30 million to keep the troops at the border until September of this year. The request comes after President Obama pronounced that the border was more secure than ever and has been pushing lawmakers to relaunch the immigration debate on Capitol Hill.

Despite the president saying the border is secure, Republicans maintain that drugs, money and people are still being trafficked over the border. They say that until the border is secured, no talks or negotiations will be made.

The National Guardsmen’s’ deployment is set to expire in June, and Napolitano is asking for the additional $30 million to keep them in the area until border patrol officials can be trained to take their place.

Republicans also claim that according to the Government Accountability Office, only 44 percent of the U.S.-Mexico border is under “operational control.”

The president has already said the Guard will stay at the border, but they guardsmen say they have yet to receive the order to stay, so they are making preparations to leave on June 30.