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Sunday October 6, 2013

Holy Cow! Catholic Burger Topped Off with Communion Wafers Being Offered in Chicago

Holy Cow! Catholic Burger Topped Off with Communion Wafers Being Offered in Chicago

Photo: Kuma's Corner/Facebook

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A local Chicago restaurant is offering what is believed to be the first ever ‘Catholic’ hamburger and not with permission from the Vatican. 

The specialty burger at Kuma’s Corner consists of a 10-ounce ground beef-goat meat patty served with a red wine reduction and garnished with a unconsecrated communion wafer.  The wafer and the red wine reduction sauce presumably are emulating the body and blood of Christ that is offered during communion mass.

The wafer is made of unleavened bread and has not been blessed by a priest.  According to the Chicago Tribune it bears a decorative cross and customers can opt for a wafer-free burger.

The burger is being offered only in October and is named ‘Ghost’ not to be confused with the Holy Ghost.  The restaurant names all its specialty hamburgers after heavy metal bands and the Catholic burger is named after the Swedish band that goes by the name of Ghost B.C. 

Reaction to the burger has been mixed but there was enough negative reaction from Catholics that Kuma was forced to issue a statement on its Facebook page.  They reassured everyone that the burger was all about business and not “as a commentary on religion or as an attack on anyone’s personal beliefs.”  In addition it will make a $1,500 donation to Chicago Catholic Charities.

What it won’t do is stop selling the $17 ‘Ghost’ burger.  The special will be available until the end of October and comes with a side of fries, chips or salad.

You have to believe that Kuma, located at 2900 W. Belmont, loves to be irreverent when its Facebook page reads “Purveyors of Bovine Genocide.’”


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