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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 27, 2011

Hispanics to Contribute 24% Growth for New Car Sales, Spending $18 Billion this Year

Hispanics to Contribute 24% Growth for New Car Sales, Spending $18 Billion this Year

Photo: Looking to get in on Hispanic car consumer market, Ford launched "Focus Te da Más" campaign

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At the “Aligning Next Generation Marketing with Today’s Digital Consumer” conference earlier this month, a panel came together to discuss the need for those in the auto industry to target Hispanics.

Hispanics in the U.S. are expected to spend $18 billion on new vehicles this year, and will account for 24 percent of the increase in new-auto sale.

At the conference, Ford’s Multicultural Marketing Manager Dave Rodriguez said his company is looking to increase its marketing towards Latinos to take advantage of a still under-tapped consumer base.

The panelists pointed out the importance of creating campaigns for Hispanics who do everything on their mobile phones, and also noted the need for companies to do their own research into what the Hispanic market needs, wants, and notices.

Nissan’s marketing agency has already created a Hispanic-centric campaign for the Nissan Versa. The concept, a Spanish-language TV campaign, “Innovacion a tu medida, Innovacion para todos”, was revealed at the conference by Danielle Austen of the marketing agency Team Ignition.

Ford also showcased its “Focus Te da Más” campaign, which involves various media outlets, including TV, radio, digital, social media, and public relations. Included in that are live branded segments on a variety of highly-rated Spanish-language TV shows.