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Latino Daily News

Friday November 5, 2010

Hispanics Nationwide Voted Differently than White non-Hispanic Voters

Tuesday’s midterm elections were historic for Hispanics. For the first time ever, three Latino candidates—all of them Republicans—won top statewide offices. In New Mexico, voters elected the nation’s first Latina governor, Republican Susana Martinez. In Nevada, Republican Brian Sandoval won the governor’s race and became Nevada’s first Hispanic governor. And in Florida, Republican Marco Rubio won the U.S. Senate race.

Despite these big top-of-the-ticket wins for Republican Hispanic candidates, Latino voters continued their strong support for Democratic candidates nationwide. National House exit poll results show that Democrats had a nearly two-to-one advantage—64% versus 34%—over Republicans in U.S. House races among Latino voters.

This strong support for Democratic candidates continues a pattern among Latino voters.  According to the national House exit poll, Latinos represented the same share of all voters this year that they did in 2006—8%. Overall, more than 19 million Latinos were eligible to vote.

Just as in previous elections, Hispanics nationwide voted differently than white non-Hispanic voters. According to the national exit polls, white non-Hispanics supported Republican congressional candidates over Democratic candidates 60% to 37%.

To view a complete copy of this Pew Hispanic Center election study visit the HSN Library.